Mar 18, 2011

Impossible before Breakfast: The Blueprint

I have spent a lot of time wishing I were someone else, somewhere else. Now, I know who and where that person is. Here is a rough draft of what I plan to put myself through in the next three years. Some of these things seem self-explanatory but these are just the roughest, most base versions on the images in my head. After some consideration, I realize that the most important thing that I'll want from my friends while I do this is emotional support, encouragement, and patience. It will be the single most important thing that gets me through this.
I.    Appearance    a.    Style of Dress
        i.    Fitted dress shirts
            1.    Special occasion shirts: Express due to color selection
            2.    “Normal” fitted shirts
        ii.    Tailored dress slacks
            1.    Special occasion slacks: Express
            2.    “Normal” slacks
        iii.    Jackets and Outerwear
            1.    Sport Coat
            2.    Leather Jacket
        iv.    Comfortable “Dress Down” clothes
            1.    Jeans
            2.    T-Shirts
            3.    Thermals
            4.    Polos
        v.    Shoes, and Accessories
            1.    Dress shoes every six months to one year
            2.    Athletic shoes every four to six months
            3.    Ties in every major solid color
            4.    Vests in major colors
            5.    Hats for accent
    b.    Physical Appearance
        i.    Head
            1.    Haircut every week, two at extreme latest
            2.    LASIK, contacts, or new glasses
            3.    Teeth cleaned, straightened, whitened, and any cavities filled
            4.    Skin under control
            5.    Removal of dark circles under eyes
        ii.    Body
            1.    Ideal weight and build for body type
                a.    Weight:    142 lbs – 176 lbs
                b.    Build:        Small Frame Mesomorph
                c.    Body Fat %    5% - 16%
            2.    Health Diet
                a.    Caloric Intake: 2083 calories / day
            3.    Quit Smoking
                a.    Patches added to monthly budget
                b.    Quit within six months
            4.    Tattoos
                a.    After first round of P90x
                    i.    Left Bicep
                    ii.    Right Pectoral
                    iii.    Back

II.    Behavior
    a.    Check into ADHD, get medicine
    b.    Learn to keep temper in check
    c.    Speak less, listen more
    d.    Smile more
    e.    Frown less

III.    Comfort
    a.    Financial
        i.    Vehicle
            1.    No older than ten (10) years old
            2.    Reasonable payments
            3.    Four door sedan
            4.    Low insurance payments
        ii.    Motorcycle
            1. 2005 Honda Shadow
        iii.    Apartment / Condo
            1.    Reasonable rent / mortgage
            2.    Nice location
            3.    2 to 3 bedrooms
            4.    1 ½ to 2 bathrooms
        iv.    Bankroll
            1.    Emergency fund (three to six months of budgeted expenses)
            2.    Savings Account with two thousand
            3.    Travel Savings (Airfare, Rental Car, Hotel, Food, Entertainment)
        v.    Credit
            1.    Credit Score to Above Average
    b.    Inter-personally
        i.    Non dependent on anyone for anything
        ii.    Able to help out friends when in need
        iii.    Owe no money to individuals
    c.    Spiritually
        i.    Attend Drepung Gomang Institute every Wednesday
        ii.    Attend church services every Sunday

IV.    Desires
    a.    Obtain motorcycle license
    b.    Obtain pilot license
    c.    Learn to speak Italian, German, Japanese, and Spanish
    d.    Learn to play guitar or bass guitar
    e.    Obtain CCW
    f.    Obtain Passport
    g.    Travel to three (3) foreign countries
    h.    Learn social engineering
    i.    Learn microexpressions
    j.    Learn how cold reading works
    k.    Learn sleight of hand

V.    Experiences
    a.    Travel to three (3) of the New Seven Wonders of the World
        i.    Take a picture standing in front of each
    b.    Eat in the restaurants of two (2) Iron Chefs
        i.    Attempt to take a picture with the chef
    c.    Watch the sun and chase it across the sky
        i.    Longest day of the Year
            1.    Sunrise in Maine
            2.    Sunset in California
    d.    Attend three (3) conventions
        i.    San Diego Comic Con
        ii.    GenCon
        iii.    DragonCon

VI.    Fulfillment
    a.    Be able to answer yes, with no hesitation about all facets of my life
        i.    Relationship
        ii.    Friendships
        iii.    Career

VII.    Goals
    a.    Literary
        i.    Be published in Literary Leo
        ii.    Finish three (3) short stories
            1.    No less than 1000 and no more than 20,000 words
        iii.    Finish five flash fiction stories
            1.    No less than 55 and no more than 1000 words
        iv.    Finish my novel
    b.    Educational
        i.    Have my Associate’s Degree in Visual Communication
        ii.    Have my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Programming or DEGD
        iii.    Be working on a Master’s in Psychology or Business
    c.    Business
        i.    Have the paperwork completed and a tax id for my company
        ii.    Have a location scouted and a complete, comprehensive business plan

VIII.    Health
    a.    Ideal Weight, Height and BMI
    b.    Very limited stress related symptoms
    c.    Normal Blood Pressure

IX.    Intelligence
    a.    Three (3) Foreign Languages
    b.    Able to do any work on car except engine work
    c.    Light Home Maintenance
    d.    A+, Net+, Cisco Router, Linux
    e.    Wine Tasting
    f.    Three (3) different types of cuisine

X.    Job
    a.    Any of the below listed fields
    i.    IT field
        1.    IT Manager or Project Manager
    ii.    Graphic Design field
        1.    Web or Print Marketing
    iii.    Digital Entertainment
        1.    Game Designer : Writing

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