Mar 23, 2011

P3 Project: Day 5 of 1400 - Saints and Sinners

I know what you're thinking...

And the answer is no.

This is not in anyway religious. Well, not really.

This is about people who deserve sainthood and the trials they face. Or rather the trials they face which makes them deserve sainthood.

Let me tell you a story about a guy, a girl and a villain.

Girl meets villain but doesn't believe all the bad things he says. Girl befriends villain outside of the mutual acquaintances. Villain starts to believe the hype and tries to be a good guy, unsuccessfully but keeps at it because of the girl.
Meanwhile, the girl meets a guy who seems to be a saint. Doesn't drink or smoke and is fun to be around. The villain steps back, not wanting to screw up what seems to be a good thing. The guy ends up hurting the girl, leaving her crying multiple times and the villain never retaliates as the girl asks him not to.

The villain does as asked, although it drives him into fits of rage to be helpless and the girl continues to give the guy second chances, some warranted, most are not.

Who, in this case is the saint? The heart-broken girl or the villain quietly picking up the pieces?
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  1. The villain, but then again I'm partial to the villain myself.

  2. Villain was asked a very important question...what makes you a villain?

    You have always been a saint to me for all the ways you have been there for me no matter what mess I have gotten myself into.