Mar 23, 2011

P3 Project: Day 5 of 1400 - Temperature Control

Okay, so it is a well known fact that I have issues controlling my temper. It's not a surprise to anyone. So when I am seconds from blowing up, I tend to get a little short with people. It's not a shortcoming, more like a endearing character flaw...

Okay, it's a major character flaw. I get it. But I'm working on it... I promise. (crosses my heart and fingers behind back)

Yesterday was an exercise in temper control. Although the day went pretty well, the afternoon was a bit annoying. However, after playing my favorite temper destroying game; COD: Black Ops, I was more than a bit annoyed. And then there was this morning...

I don't do well being micro-managed. My direct supervisor is a raging micro-manager. You do the math. So instead of cooling off, I'm just heating up more and more... not good for the goal of gaining better control over my temper. Combine that with fighting off the urge to smoke and... well it's not gonna be an easy day.

Tonight is date night though. Instant temper cooling ahead. I'm looking forward to it.

On a side note, we're going to see Limitless tonight. Should make for some good blogging for the next two days. Stay tuned.

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