Mar 24, 2011

P3 Project: Day 6 of 1400 - Limitless

Okay, first things first...

To all of my readers who visit this page: go see Limitless. Seriously. Not joking. Have I made my point?
Good. Now, on to the blogging!

Okay, so yesterday was date night and we went to go see Limitless because as anyone who knows about this project knows, this is the movie from which the question that caused this endeavor came from. (Wow, that was a confusing statement and I wrote it) For the record, I thought that was what I was shooting for, to be Eddie Morra...

That would be awesome, but is ultimately impossible for one reason: There is no NZT. Bummer.

Or at least not exactly.

For those who don't know me, I am Kevin M. Williams and I have adult ADHD. Raging, uncontrolled, unregulated ADHD. But it doesn't work like normal. It causes me to think about at least fifty things at any one time, like most people with ADHD. The difference is that I can connect the dots, find a way to link them all together.

It's a gift. And a curse. I can't focus on anything unless I spend a ungodly long time focusing or meditating to slow my mind down. So although it allows me to make logical leaps that would make another person dizzy, it makes my mind useless in normal, day to day activities. But I have the answer.

I have been against this idea for a very, very very long time. But I'm going to go and get officially diagnosed and get medicine for it. The day I get insurance, I'll be in the doctor's office within the week. I normally would be all about keeping my mind pure and the benefits of meditation over medication. But I am willing to try anything once and this is it.

A little against my normal philosophy but desperate times call for desperate measures.

And besides, a little swan told me that they have faith that I can do this. And I believe her. Hopefully this will work. It has to.

Because it'll be impossible without the ability to focus and equally impossible with her support.

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  1. Know you have more than one safety net. I think you're crazy, but that's why I love you my friend. Whatever support you need, I'll give.