Apr 5, 2011

P3 Project: Day 18 of 1400 - Waiting Takes A Long Time

I can't take it anymore!

I'm so fed up with waiting that I'm gonna explode! I hate this game but I have to play it. I've been waiting for someone to handle something regarding the last piece needed for my car and I'm being stonewalled at every turn. I can't move forward because I can't make anymore forward progress without this integral piece.

And the thing that's pissing me off is that everyone wants me to jump immediately when asked to do something, and I try to be johnny-on-the-spot and yet with my shit, people are dragging their asses.

I'm gonna drag their asses through barbed wire if they don't get the lead out...

:takes a deep breath and exhales: Okay, on to the weekend recap!

So this weekend started off kind of slowly. Friday wasn't bad but after being stopped on my forward progress on my car and some other things that don't really need to be brought up, I was pretty fed up and wanting to be anti-social. But, it is the weekend so I wasn't.

Friday night, the family had a lovely seafood buffet of king crab legs and fried jumbo shrimp. It was supposed to be a family thing and we all paid into the crab leg pot. Although my sister ate more than I did, we paid the same amount. Weird, huh?

Later on that night, after having a small issue or two with some people I speak with regularly, I went to get a cup of coffee (or rather tea) with Elli. That was a nice change as we went to Highlands Coffee as opposed to our usual Starbucks and the atmosphere was nice and calming.

Saturday, we met up at the mall, with plans to stay with the Keffers for the night. Taking the bus, as I didn't have my car (grrr) I arrived there and relaxed for a while before Elli got there and we headed out to her house for a family dinner. (Notice the difference between her family dinner and my family dinner... #nocomment) The dinner was nice and relaxed, and I spent some time talking to her Dad about his computer at the shop, her Grandma (who told me her name was Grandma when we first met. Go figure :) ) about languages and work and her aunt about her martial arts classes. Not bad for a dinner conversation.

Lastly, we headed up to Frankfort for a nice relaxing night away. After a night of playing cards and trash talking, we woke up to breakfast pizza (oh my gawd, why hadn't anyone else thought of this before?) and a hike through the Cove Springs park. Two or so hours later (and one very sore knee later) we had a picnic on the rocks overlooking a small waterfall and walked through the wetlands.

All in all, a relaxing day. All to come back to these headaches... makes you wonder if I'm a glutton for punishment or just a average, run-of-the-mill masochist?

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