Apr 13, 2011

P3 Project: Day 25 of 1400 - Family Matters and Bitter/Sweet

Well, this post is also late but with all of the stuff crammed into it, it's going to be a very, very long post because I have to update three whole days worth of information as well as some... insight that I had into somethings.

First things first. Rosetta Stone sucks, P90x sucks, this project is painful. Mentally and Physically. However, good medicine tastes bitter so suck it up, Kevin and press on.

...Or at least that's what I'd expect myself to say to myself... oh well. On to the updates!

So, we'll break this one down into days to keep everything straight.

Had a rough start to the day as I was still catching the bus to work (grrr!) and work was still rather stoic after the news of Donnie's passing. But with a little help from my COD family (and their 250+ posts) by the end of the day, it was looking up. By the way, a note to all people who read this:
Mario 1up text message notification sound + more than 250 comments in a status update = a LOT of extra lives
After work, I got to hang out with Travis for a little bit (more like over night) and we played the PvZ for a little bit and created some rather painful experiences for the zombies. I'm a zombie sadist, what can I say? It was good to be able to hang out with Travis and Josh but all it really did was to reconfirm the fact that my COD family is almost always happy to see me.

Saturday morning was kind of slow as I stayed up rather late hanging out with Travis, which shouldn't surprise anyone anywhere. After getting a slightly late start, I went home and jumped into the shower and prepared to spend time with my Elli before the night's festivities. I finished my coffee mug which was therapeutic as always and after that, I attempted to convince Elli that we should take a walk around on such a beautiful day  (unsuccessfully, I might add and with good reason: allergies were kicking the poor girl's ass) and we compromised and walked around the outside of the mall. Once inside, we headed to the food court, laughing the entire time and ran into an ex which wasn't an entirely painful experience. Not something I wanted to repeat be still, not too painful. We went to a couple of Gamestop stores to get some accessories and games for Elli's 360 that had been piecemeal borrowed from other members of the 360 family. Then the fun stuff started. We headed to Nolan's birthday party and was surprised to find that we were the first two there. As time went on, we found that we were the only two that showed for the party, beside Megan and another friend of Nolan's, a redhead who's name I do not recall. Now, I know what it's like to not have your friends show up for your birthday and how it can be maddening and depressing so I did my best to keep Nolan and the rest of the table entertained as we had sushi and hibachi-style fried rice and a decent show as well. Then on the the next part of the night, going to 4th Street Live to meet Cass's new boyfriend...

Now, this is where the bottom could have fallen out of the night.

The possibility of running into people that I didn't really want to see skyrocketed as we approached the end of the night, a fact that I wasn't happy about. But I don't believe that a person (or people) should keep you away from what makes you happy and hanging out with Cassie (which was a journey in and of itself) and Elli and Nolan and Megan, among others wasn't an opportunity that I was willing to pass up... not to mention I already said that I'd go. Oh well...

We got there at the time we were supposed to and waited for an hour and a half (or more, I wasn't keeping tabs) for them to arrive and when they got there, a couple of things happened:
1. I knew Cassie's boyfriend. At least I had seen him somewhere before
2. Liza was there and told me of amazing progress she had made in a person endeavor that I was coaching her on (which makes me a good coach, right?)
3. Cassie was happy to see me there (which if you know the back story, it's an amazing feat!)

Now, we didn't stay long as we just had a long day and Elli had to hang out with Mom in the morning and I was beat. However, the beauty of this blog is I can take information that I didn't have then and add it to what I know now.

:WARNING: Names have been changed to protect the inno-, er. The other people that I'm mentioning

Another person was at 4th Street that had the capacity to potentially ruin the evening for me in multiple ways and only some of them directly related to me... We left before they ran into him but I wouldn't have wanted to place my still-untrained grip on my temper on the line to test whether or not I could co-exist in the same area with him and not have the sudden urge to maim him... I'm not perfect yet, remember?


Nolan's actual family had their Birthday Party for him Sunday and it was another opportunity to spend time with Nolan, Elli and the rest of the Rapp family. I will say this, I have never felt more at home with a girlfriend's family than I do with hers. No wisecracks, no confrontational conversations... nothing. After that, we set up Elli's 360 and played some PvZ and some Peggle

All in all, a lovely weekend. Some bitter moments, mostly sweet but all in all, I learned that family matters...

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