May 27, 2011

P3 Project: And now, a word from our sponsors...

Just as any great idea begins with a single question, so does any good project have copycats.

<hears a shout off screen> I'm just kidding, dood. Why so serious?

<hears a scuffling in the background> Hey, what are you doing with that bat...?

<falls forward out of the screen and Travis Sims sits down in front of the camera> Hello, all.

<hears a groan and Travis swings the bat at someone off screen> Quiet! I'm trying to talk! Anyway, I have this little blog of my own that I think you guys should check out: Oversized Teenager Transitioning to Adulthood...

<a voice is heard off screen> Yeah, but we can't all be narcissistic, can we Kevin? "Impossible before Breakfast?" Aiming a little high there, hmmm?

<Travis looks nervously over his shoulder and jumps up> Well, gotta go folks! Remember:

<runs off screen with Kevin chasing him with a Kendo stick, screaming> "Come back here, you brat!"

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