May 17, 2011

P3 Project: Day 52 of 1400 - Consequences and Congratulations

[Subject's Note: These are getting way behind as I've been ridiculously busy with work and such. Rest assured, that I'm trying to catch up!]

It's funny when someone does something to aggravate you, to just get under your skin and it backfires. Like when someone tries to break up a friendship and instead it makes the relationship stronger. Well it works with a lot of things, like for instance when someone demands something from you which in turn makes it impossible for you to purchase something for them as a gift...

And they say that justice is blind and karma doesn't exist... HA!

So, we're not going to spend a lot of time on what didn't happen and the possible repercussions of that for future endeavors. Instead, let us get to the better parts of Sunday, shall we? So I spent time at Elsa's house with her family for Mother's Day and on the way out there, I was able to come across enough money to purchase a couple of Mother's Day cards for Elsa's Mom and Grandmother and I felt pretty good about the way that the day was going to go. While there, once everyone arrived, I saw that in this family, Mother's Day wasn't just a day. The men in this family appreciated the women in their lives and with good reason. I saw how these ladies take care of the family in various different ways from leading the household to just being supportive. And as I stood there, watching the way that this family operated, I realized that this girl, sitting next to me, could one day end up being my rock and support system like so many of the other women in this family were for their significant others.

And I was in good hands.

It's almost strange to see the massive differences between one person and another that are similar ages and how one could be so much different from one another. For so long, I really thought that the woman that I was with was a wonderful person, even though I saw things in the beginning that should have given me paused, but I think that I was blinded by the person that she seemed like and I ignored the person that she actually was. Not that there was anything wrong with her, but she and I were never compatible and we weren't friends long enough to know that.

I'm hoping that things will be different this time as Elli's been friends with me for three years and even with all of that foreknowledge, she is still willing to deal with my flawed, imperfect existence.

Ask her, though and my flaws are imaginary. And soon, if all goes well, I'll be that much closer to perfection.

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