May 19, 2011

P3 Project: Day 62 of 1400 - Evolutionary Defenses

Well, once again, my newest musings come from the interactions with my friends around me. I have learned that there are somethings that are cannot be avoided in life. Change is an inevitable, and sometimes painful part of life. I look around me and everyone in my life is evolving, some for the good, and others for the bad. However, in their defense, some of the changes that they are making are warranted changes. Others are just a product of the environment around them. The thing that makes all of these varied individuals the same? They all have highly evolved defense systems, not unlike a porcupine's quills or a poison dart frog's venom...

Or a twenty-seven year old egotistical, self-absorbed, social chameleon who is afraid of failure and dislikes himself so much that he created a entire blog around the foolish pursuit of perfection...

Self-depreciate much? Hypercritical? Who, me...? Never...

So, it's only fair that I explain that statement as I can hear you all clamoring (and quite a few of you preparing to beat me with my own over-inflated ego) for a explanation. Well, here it is. Although the human race as a whole hasn't evolved in a while, individual human beings have evolved. We have evolved predatory instincts that allows us to hunt down the things that we want. The desire for self-improvement and the pursuit of happiness is not unlike a tiger chasing a gazelle. We are single-minded in our determination and chase our goals with the ferocity of a predator. There even some of us out there who turn our predatory instincts on others around us and prey on the weaker of us. Some of us are predators who chase and devour predators. But we all have one thing in common.

None of us are at the top of the food chain. We are all prey for someone, even if we've never met that animal.

In the spirit of self-preservation, we all develop defense mechanisms. Some of us, have much more evolved defense mechanisms. One friend of mine, who is a big guy, cracks on himself about his size a lot, so much so it would seem almost counterproductive to make a crack about his size. Another friend of mine, attempts to treat any fears about her relationship as the "crazy bitch" coming out in her, and it allows her to look at the situation with a fresh pair of eyes.

I have realized that the defenses that we have is a product of the attacks that we have received and the environment that we are brought up in. So if a guy is harassed about his weight, then he would make the jokes before the predators so that they then have nothing to attack. Which means that the defenses that we have are directly related to the weaknesses that we admit to.

So, would that mean that the more sophisticated the defenses, the more damaged and weathered and broken we are or the more paranoid and fearful we actually are, despite our outward appearances? Only time will tell...

Now excuse me while I hide behind my ego, slip my chameleon mask back on, step back into my bravado and spray on some arrogance... the predators are hungry today.

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  1. I would have to go with the more paranoid and fearful. I have a motto that fits every situation I go into, "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and make them regret the day they ever met you." It has served me well.