Jun 1, 2011

P3 Project: Audience Participation

So this is a special post going out to all of my friends that attend the various Cons related to gaming (board, tabletop, card, video, etc.) that are interested in joining that community. I have been waiting far too long to make any serious headway on this particular project but it's time that I start working on getting that part of my life started. However, this I can't do without your help so here's what I'll need:

Artists - CharacterArtists - Environmental
Music - Instrumental
3D Animators - Character
3D Animators - Environmental
Voice Actors - Female
Voice Actors - Male
Programmers - Visual Studio 2010
Programmers - .Net
Programmers - C#
Writers - Dialogue
Writers - Plot
Writers - Back Story
Legal - Copyright Law
Legal - Small Business
Finance - Loans and Grants
HR - Practices and Procedures

If you know any people attending any cons (or hell, in your respective cities. I'm not picky) who have these skill sets, please have them e-mail me at Inkwell.Alchemists@gmail.com and I'll give them more information at that time. We may soon have some sponsorships in the form of a game hosting website and a data center as well as if I can swing it, a board gaming company all of which I will not name until I have some firm commitments from each (as in signed pieces of paper) but to give you the basic rundown, here's how this will work:

I have been working with a particular company for years now and I feel that some of their unique IPs could be developed into worthwhile games for the Xbox Live Marketplace (to all my Playstation 3 owners, if you find out how their process works for indie games, I'm all for it) so long as we can develop them with minimal assistance from the "parent" company. This proves our worth to them as a development house and then we fund out future projects through the 70% that Microsoft pays out for each game sold. So do the math, at 400 Microsoft Points (about $5.00 US), we make about $3.50 per game.

Currently, the indie game, "I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1 has sold an estimated 308,000 copies at 80 MS points ($1.00 US) in a one year span (August 2009 to August 2010). Taking into consideration the $99 dollars to join the XNA Creator's Club (which we may be able to get around), the creator of that game made approximately $215,501 over a one year span. If we sold the same amount of games at the 400 MS point level, we stand to make approximately $1,077,901 which isn't anything to scoff at for a bunch of Con Kids. Divided up amongst 34 employees, before taking out anything for taxes, etc, would be 31,702.97 per person!

If James Silva can do this with a company of two employees, with the talent pool that I know that I am honored to be acquainted with, I'm sure we can take the indie gaming world by storm and who know, one day, with some hard work and small sacrifices, we could be standing at E3 as developers, listening to the crowd hush as we unveil a game that we have up until this point only dreamed of.

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