Jun 6, 2011

P3 Project: Day 80 of 1400 - Graduation and Enrollment

It's not often that you can be there for the start of something and for the end of it twelve years later and see what your contributions have done to make it end the way that it did. However, one of those things, I had the pleasure of being a part of, mostly. My nephew graduated from Kindergarten this weekend, marking the beginning of his educational journey. I remember how I felt when I got out, excited and just relieved that it was over and even with all of that, I find it ironic that while he is starting his educational journey, I find myself desperately trying to get back in.

Who's really following in who's footsteps this time?

So as always, this weekend was filled with action, adventure, swords, guns, and grenades.

I know, my weekends always seem to rock, huh?

This weekend started off pretty simple with me leaving work early to head to my nephew's graduation celebration. Gattiland was first on the agenda for the weekend and I have to admit that I was excited. I don't go for my own personal amusement (well, not directly) but instead for the ability help my nephew amass a boatload of tickets to allow him to get any toys that he may want. It's a small joy, but when you're young, it's the little things. So Elli, my nephew, Tiffany and I headed off to Gatti's for a afternoon of pizza, cheap carnival games and tickets.

The day went pretty well, with the nephew choosing a couple (three to be exact) of swords to use in his adventures exploring the wilderness that is his imagination. Apparently there are some things in there that can only be handled with a toy katana, toy rapier and inflatable gladius but for the guy that collects swords and lives in a glass house, I'm sure as hell not gonna throw stones.

Saturday found me back at the house and in the city for a birthday outing for LA, one of  Elli's friends at the Cheesecake Factory. After a slight wardrobe malfunction, I was changed, dressed, and ready for dinner. For the record, the service at the Cheesecake Factory has always been excellent but the guy that we had the misfortune of having wasn't exactly... okay, he sucked. There's no other way to put it.

During dinner, Elli didn't feel well so we headed back to the house so that she could rest, medicate and try to feel better. After all, we had a busy day ahead of us on Sunday...

Which involved Nerf weaponry, water balloons and cupcakes. There was only one casualty, Captain Jack Sparrow lost his head, or rather his hair piece during all of the fun. Ending the day off with Cracker Barrel and a relaxing drive back to Elli's for some PvZ and much needed rest capped of an awesome weekend that was not only welcomed, but required. [*] After all, there's only 24 days until we head to Michigan for all the insanity that will follow and who know what will happen as Elsa and I celebrate six months.

Which, for the record, anyone who survives six months with me and my ADD laced thought process deserves a monument erected in their honor. Where's a good sculptor when you need them?

[*Edit:] Apparently, I forgot mention my time with Seth and Sarah and hanging out playing Black Ops and getting my ass handed to me in strange and unusual ways. There, ya happy gypsies?


  1. I am insulted!!!
    we were in your weekend to mister!!! =p and you should know who this is! Gypsy.

    ps: and im staying anonymous just to mess with your feathers misters.

  2. Yes these ANONYMOUS people are happy =P

  3. I never found anything wrong with your thought process. Is that a good or bad thing I wonder????¿¿¿¿