Jun 12, 2011

P3 Project: Day 83 of 1400 - Satisfaction Guaranteed

So, there are few things more satisfying than progress. Not only in your own life, but the lives of those around you as well. It's good to see your friends progress and move closer towards a better standard of living, be it through school, work, or in personal relationships. However, there's nothing more satisfying than watch someone you care about finally beat something that's been bothering them. Now, you can be told all day about something but there's something special to be said for seeing it. Because it's true what they say:

Seeing really is believing.

So Wednesdays, which for a long time were Date Night with Elsa have changed. Since she has her belly dancing classes on Wednesday with her sister, I've been spending my Wednesdays doing other things. So, after finally getting a laptop fully (and satisfactorily, in my case) repaired, I planned to drive to La Grange, drop off the laptop and eventually head back home. A call from Elli changed the end of the plan to staying in La Grange and hanging out with her as her sis was going to spend time with her boyfriend after class.

After delivering the laptop, another call from Elsa changed the night from enjoyable to potentially disastrous.

One of the au pairs, Eva was having a going away dinner and Elsa asked me if I didn't mind going with her. As the au pairs had been a part of her life that I wasn't really a part of, her inviting me was a big deal, or at least to me. Rather than spend too much time thinking about it, I decided to just show up and be the person that I always am. After all, there was no reason that I couldn't hang out with these lovely people, right?

The au pairs turned out to be no different than any other group of people. We joked and talked about travel and life and everything else. And then, as the night had progressed along rather well, another person arrived who has in the past held the dubious distinction of being able to ruin Elli's day almost instantly.

Actually, let me be more specific: Used to be able to ruin her day.

He arrived and virtually ignored the two of us, not even making eye contact with me when he saw me and although that was slightly annoying, he also didn't acknowledge her. However, as I sat next to her, she never flinched. She continued talking to the rest of the people there and showing me affection, as if he wasn't even there. She's been telling me for a while that he didn't bother her anymore but to see it made me smile.

After the party, we walked outside to her car and I asked her how she felt, to which she replied with a smile, "I told you, he doesn't bother me anymore. It's because I'm happy." After which she stole a quick kiss. As our relationship has evolved, I have found us having more of those little moments together. More smiles and quick kisses, less awkward silences and annoyed conversations. There aren't many guarantees in life, but I know that when I go to sleep tonight, I will do so with a sense of satisfaction.

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