Jun 14, 2011

P3 Project: Day 85 of 1400 - A Walk in the Park

As I stood there, I got the same vertigo feeling that I always seem to get on roller coasters.The slight dizziness as I looked down at the ground, so far below me. The people behind me laughing as I walked to the edge and, with a deep breath I walked to the edge of the shaky canopy and I just couldn't do it. I was so tired from the march and my eyes were still sensitive to the sun burning over head. So, as I decided on what to do, or if I could even go any further, a man with a thick beard and missing teeth grabbed me and threw me over the edge...

Wait, maybe I should go back a little and explain how I ended up in the damn tree in the first place.

Friday wasn't like any other day. I was excited at work and as the day winded down, I knew that it was only going to get better. I had a full day planned out for tomorrow and would be spending a good portion of it with Elsa. I left work early (as there really wasn't anything left to do) and headed for the Gypsy house to play a little COD and let off some steam. After all, it was the weekend and rest was much needed and well-deserved this time. After arriving and a couple of rounds on Nuketown 24-7, I decided to sit out a few and talk to my loving girlfriend who called me, rather than text.

The conversation was not at all what I was expecting. And I mean that in the best way possible.

She had decided that she wanted to change out plans a little and instead of hanging out in Louisville with her sister later that night and heading home, she opted to spend the night in the city. Which was fine with me, as that more than likely meant that I'd be with her. All I had to do was take a quick shower and shave and the she'd come and get me.

I sometimes underestimate how fast that woman can get to my house...

I stepped out of the shower to find my phone ringing and her outside. Knowing that my step-mother and sister were siting downstairs, I couldn't very well come downstairs in a towel, could I? (Don't answer that...) So I threw on pants and came downstairs to greet her and usher her in while I finished my (poor and hastily done) shaving job. We then headed to a restaurant for an Alzheimer's Association function that some of her co-workers (read: family) and friends were going to be at.

For the record, if you have the opportunity to donate to your local Alzheimer's Association, you really should consider it. It's a noble cause and almost everyone has someone who's been affected by this disease. (End public service announcement)

It was a blast. The music was good, the company better and all in all, it was a promising start to my weekend. We then headed our lodging for the night to change for Elsa's sister's VIP party at a nightclub on 4th Street. While there, we hung out with her and some of our other friends, some new, and others old and had a blast still. The night lasted longer than it probably should have but we returned to our room and drifted off to sleep rather quickly.

Where was I going with this...? Oh yeah, how I ended up in a tree. I'm getting there. I promise.

So, the next morning, we set out early to head to Mammoth Cave National Park to take a two hour tour of one of the caves, called the "New Entrance" tour. Now, mind you. I never realized how much of a city boy I was until I started dating Elsa. We walked two miles, in the dark, with very little lights shining to guide out way through caves that had been around for centuries, maybe even longer. The caves were only slightly damp and the decent itself was worth the price of admission. But to see these caves, the natural beauty of them, made the day and the early morning drive worth it. We emerged later, sore, a little tired and hungry but excited for the next part of our day...

And then I ended up in a tree. Don't ask... I'll tell you later.

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