Jun 21, 2011

P3 Project: Day 93 of 1400 - The Life Aquatic

Sometimes, it's the little things. The smallest of things that bring joy and happiness to us as humans. Some days, it's a smile, or a glance across the room. Others, it's the feeling of a familiar pair of sweat pants and the knowledge that everything for the day is done. Sometimes it's the feeling of cool water on warm skin on a hot day.Sometimes, it's seeing your girlfriend in a bathing suit for the first time.But all in all, it's the thought of being able to hang out with your friends and relax, swimming on a really hot summer day with not a care in the world.

What more could a guys ask for? Apparently, about 363 items from Target as well.

Don't ask.

So today started off pretty simply. After going to Target to register for a "New Apartment Survival list", Elli and I returned to Target to complete the list. After all, there shouldn't be a whole lot of things that are needed for a new apartment, right? I mean a lot of the stuff that you need for a new apartment you can take from where you're currently living, right?

Not when "circumstances" have required that you lose everything that you previously owned in any apartment because of an small oversight. I'll leave it at small oversight and not crazy person.

So, as soon as I arrived at Target, I got a text from the captain of the SS Gypsy (lol) that they were already at the pool. Not wanting to forget where we were, we quickly completed our "shopping list" and proceeded to head over to another COD family function: swimming.

Now, let this be said now: I'm not sure why but when submerged under water, I get an extreme amount of pressure in my sinus cavities, amplifying any headaches that I already have. Because of this, I usually try to wear at least goggles and have to remember to blow out of my nose and not inhale out of reflex. After all, any time I was in deep water, I was wearing a diver's mask. (Once again, don't ask)

So I walk around back to find everyone already in the pool and also the ground rules: boys change in the garage and girls in the basement. Not exactly a big deal but I wasn't exactly excited with having to change outside. Mostly because there's no privacy and I'm a shy person about public nakedness. Well, there was that one time but... I digress.

The standing rules were that to enter to pool, you had to jump straight in off the diving board into the eight feet deep end, no walking down the steps. I grabbed a mask and promptly sunk to the bottom. The rest was pretty standard pool activities with Travis trying to dunk me (hard to do since apparently, I'm slippery) and me attempting to meditate underwater (I'm so full of hot air that it doesn't work with out assistance). After staying in the pool until I couldn't feel my very, very wrinkled fingertips, we got out of the pool, waited for Sarah's clothes to be returned (they were accidentally absconded) and went to Rooster's for dinner (oh and for the record... not exactly the greatest food but still fun.). The night ended with Seth, Sarah, me and Elli making bait for Seth's impending Father's Day fishing trip and just kind talking about various things. All in all, a pretty full day.

Tomorrow's Father's Day. Which means that a lot of my friends will be spending time with their respective Dad's and in some cases, having their families do things for them as well. Do I regret not being a Father yet? No, but I'm not as scared of the future now either. Only time will tell.

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