Aug 16, 2011

P3 Project: From the Ashes of Procrastination

Okay, so it's been over a month since I've posted here and since that time, a lot (and I mean a LOT) of things have happened. Why then haven't I been writing new blueprints and blog posts? It's elementary, my dear readers:

I'm a raging procrastinator. It comes with the territory. However, I will be trying desperately to catch up in the following weeks. Some of the subjects that will be going up are (and in no particular order):

My Detroit Homecoming with Elli
Apartment Hunting, Tracking and Capturing and the insanity that happens here
The COD Family times
War of the Roses
Gen Con and the work related
Great Wolf Lodge and Kings Island
Birthday Parties
Wedding Day Blues (and Reds)
Doctor visits and ADHD Screening

I know that it seems like quite a lot and there are bound to be things that I forgot but such is life with my brain. However, if you stay tuned, I promise...

Business is about to pick up...