Sep 6, 2011

P3 Project: Day 172 of 1400 - Playing Catch-Up

It's very rare that we as people get the time to sit back and enjoy the little things. I find myself doing that more and more as time goes on. Take this weekend, for example. It was Labor Day weekend which meant an extra day doing... whatever it is that I do with an extra day on my weekend. As there isn't a lot to do in my apartment (which I still haven't blogged about, I know) I figured that I'd sit back and enjoy some time with the family.

My other family, y'know the one with the video game in the name? Well, this weekend went a little different than usual.

Come inside, it's starting to get cold. I'll tell you all about it...

So, after a crazy day Friday with some misdirection and a little miscommunication (which is standard operating procedures at Bluegrass.Net) I was off work and ready to enjoy the weekend. I started my day off hanging out with my brother and sister, Seth and Sarah at their house. Pretty standard stuff, all thing considered when the topic came up of dressing up to go see Dracula at the Actor's Theater of Louisville. Now, dressing up isn't really a big deal for me but it is a big deal for my newly engaged brother and sister. (They're my brother and sister independent of each other so it's not any weird incest thing. Get you minds straight, you savages lol) So we started to get thing decided for what they or rather he we going to wear as Sarah was going to be taken care of by Elli and Tiffy. This meant picking out something simple for him that he can add accents with to match whatever she decided to wear as well. Sarah, (who I've never seen in anything other than t-shirts and gym shorts) planned for a dress and all of the other "girly accoutrements" that go along with a dress. Although I have to admit that the prospect of dressing up doesn't thrill me, the thought of seeing them dressed up does. Then came Saturday and Saturday found me waking up late (well, it was a long weekend so it wasn't a big deal) and Elli on her way over to my apartment so that we could head out to run a couple of errands before going to Frankfort to hang out with The and Tiffy. We headed out on our errands, woke up the Gypsy King and Queen and made our way to Frankfort.

Now, before I go any further, I have to say something about the evolution of people.

It seems that the moment that you stop caring about the outcome of something, is the very moment that everything happens the way that you wanted it to. Not particularly related to anything but I just felt that I had to say it. Anyway, we arrived in Frankfort about a full hour ahead of the Gypsies which left us time to get to know the newest addition to the Keffer and subsequently the COD family, a small gray kitten named Shadow who apparently is the single most chill cat that I've ever come in contact with. After catching up with my other brother and sister, the Gypsies arrived and the fun began. The girls went grocery shopping while the guys (attempted to) play COD: Black Ops Zombies. And for the record, being brought food while killing zombies is an experience that I feel that everyone should experience. Just saying. Later on that night after dinner, we all played Fluxx (with Zombie and Pirate decks added for flavor) and finally drifted off to our respective places to sleep.

The Gypsies had to leave on Sunday Morning (boo! hiss! lol) because they had other family stuff to do and that left me and Elli to hang out with the Keffers. Sunday was a bit of a blur to me but there is one moment that stood out. As we (The and I) sat playing COD Zombies, trying to achieve a particular goal (killing the zombie version of George A. Romero) there came a point that The was fighting off a group of zombies to try to get to where I had already held down a location. As he is launching grenades at the mass of undead, a roar was heard that usually signifies that George had become "angered" (which means that he'd be actively chasing us and that we needed to "cool him off" by getting him to walk into a body of water). The casually quipped, "George is pissed." I said to The, while still keeping an eye on my screen, "How pissed are we talking?" trying to get him to give me a sense of how close he was to our characters. After a moment of pause, he responded, in his deadpan voice, "Like 'just found out that they're not making Oreos anymore' pissed." As he character ran past mine and jumped onto a zipline that would carry him back to the start of the map. I couldn't hold it together and had to pause the game and spend a chunk of time laughing hysterically as my slightly sleepy brain attempted repeatedly to process that statement

...this is why we can't have nice things, but we can have good times.

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