Oct 26, 2011

P3 Project: October 26th, 2011 - Losing Track

My, my, my... where does the time go?

It seems like only yesterday that I started this project with no car, from my father's spare room upstairs and for the life of me, I couldn't seem to remember what day was what when I wrote these things. It was a feat in and of itself to just be able to put the Day X of 1400 before whatever the post subject was.

How things can change in such a short time.

I look at the progress that I've made in the last year (wow, has it almost been that long since my life turned upside-down?) and it amazes me. I'm writing this post in my apartment, after having a great night out with my beautiful girlfriend, Elli and all I can think about it how tomorrow is another busy, crazy day full of work, and family, friends and just living the kind of life that was unimaginable this time last year. Don't get me wrong, it's not the company around me that's made my life better, it's the changes that I've made as a person and the decisions that I've made that have made this day possible.

I won't lie to you, the journey that I've been on to get this far has not been an easy one. And under no circumstances do I believe that I'm better than anyone because of the progress that I've made. But I have to admit, there is one person who I am now better than.

The man who started this project many moons ago.

With that, there will be some changes in the near future. Please, pay attention as there will be a test afterwards...

So as you may have noticed, there isn't the customary Day xx of 1400 title before this post. There are reasons for this. One of them is simple and slightly selfish: The day of the project isn't important for every single post. Why is that, you say? Well, let's be honest...

We both didn't expect this to last this long, did we?

I mean come on, a person who openly admits to having ADHD trying to remember what day an event happened on? That's not even close to fair, let alone believable. I mean let's be honest. Any one who knows me is fully aware that the fact that I can remember to arrive anywhere on time is an accomplishment in and of itself. But remembering every single event that happens to me during a day, even the important ones is hard. And let's face it, a lot of the time that I spend is either with close friends, dearly loved family, or my Elli so that makes every day important. Which is a little difficult to keep track of when what event happened to write about.

Now, I do have a lot of back logged notes to catch up on and the Day xx of 1400 label will still be at the bottom of every post but I want to focus more on the progress and achievements and thoughts that come along with the pursuit of the perfect version of Kevin M. Williams. So only when the dates are significant (i.e; 30 days, 180 days, 365 days, etc) will the familiar format be in place. Other than that, the actual date of the event, thought, or conversation will be in it's place.

Other than that, there won't be many changes. I'll try to start devoting at least an hour every night to writing something , even if it's nothing more that writing the couple of events down that happened that day. But this brings me to the second and probably largest change of all:

Three posts a week. No more, no less. (Unless something life changing happens...)
One post will be done weekly on Sunday night to culminate the events of the previous week that didn't merit their own individual blog. Two for the events that happen during the week that are either too important or too relevant to the day to wait until Sunday will round out the postings.

I'll write more if I know that my readers want more. As always, I'm all about crowd pleasing...

With that being said, let's get back to your regularly scheduled programming... enjoy!

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