Oct 27, 2011

P3 Project: September 18th, 2011 - Taking the Plunge

Love isn't about  grand declarations of love in the center of Times Square on New Year's Eve. Love is about the quiet resolve that gets you through the day. Love isn't about running across fields of wildflowers into your lover's arms. Love is running across an airport after a week apart and hoping that they won't laugh too hard if you fall on your face. Love isn't about despising coming home and needing a beer before you even start to drive to the house. Love is knowing that your day isn't complete until you see that special someone. Love isn't about soaring on the wings of dreams. Love is realizing that some days, all you can do is jump.

And so, we jump. And we pray to God that we can fly.

There comes so rarely a moment in a man's life where a decision is so clear to him that he cannot avoid it, can't ignore it and he is forced to move in the right direction to achieve the goal that he has set forth in his mind. As I sat in the rain, talking to my mother, it was all so clear to me, so simple. But it's often said that the simplest things are the most complex. Take a simple yes or no question. The answer that you receive is never a simple black or white answer, nor is it a clear left or right. Even the simplest yes or no question can have contexts, secondary motives, or even just a misunderstood response. But there are some questions that a simple yes or no is all that's needed and they mean just that. Yes. Or No. But even still, with the simplicity of those two answers, it's the question that makes those words have more weight.

There haven't been many moments in my life where a question has been so simple. In this case, it's not rocket science, not brain surgery. It's just a Yes or No question. But if that's true, and it's such a simple question...

Why am I shaking at the thought of asking it? I guess all I can do now is jump. Let's just hope that gravity isn't working against me. Although to quote John Meyer;

"It's wanting more that gonna send me to my knees..."

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  1. I like this one. It is very true.