Nov 1, 2011

P3 Project: September 20th, 2011 - The Best Laid Plans

(Flashback: This is a older post that I'm catching up on. There are thoughts here that have since been straightened out and problems resolved. However, read on)

As I stood on the bridge, looking out over the water below me, my thoughts were unusually clear, unlike the waters of the Ohio River that lie in wait beneath me, longing to greet me in it's cold embrace and carry me off into the bosom of eternity. And echoing through my crystal clear mind, a familiar though rang out from an oft-quoted movie:

Obviously I had miscalculated some things...

Now, before anyone freaks out, no I wasn't thinking about jumping. And yes, the Ohio River looks at everyone like that. Next time you're near it, just stare off into it. I dare you. Anyway, the places where one finds inspiration can be almost anywhere and from anything but nothing is more soothing that the sound of rushing water. It has a calming effect on almost anyone that hears it and when it comes to clearing cobwebs from your head, nothing beats the Waterfront Parks in downtown Louisville for me. I know that there are many other places but that's mine and no, I'm not against sharing.

Just keep the place neat, okay? That's all I ask. Thanks.

Anyway, I was sitting on the pedestrian bridge on the bridge to Indiana (y'know, the one that's not closed) and just thought. There had been a couple of things troubling me over the last few days and a few things that had created new developments that had to be addressed. Not exactly bad ones, just... new.

I spent hours yesterday dreading something that wasn't really all that frightening. But even still, it was no walk in the park. But the realization that something that I loved was worth meeting a scary moment head on was more than enough to give me the courage to undertake this very, very scary conversation but it was the conversation afterwards that threw me. As I sat on the bridge, the realization that I loved her and was willing to face my fears were enough to warm me as the chilling wind blew around me. But as this moment came, I realized that there were so many things to plan out and even as I smiled with that thought, I realized that the best laid plans, are often wrought with peril. However, nothing worth doing is often ever safe. But the only thing that I have to worry about is have I misread the signs or am I on the right path finally in my life. Only time will tell now...

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