Jan 31, 2014

P3 Project: January 17th, 2014 - Exactly Where I Need to Be

We all find ourselves looking at where we stand in our lives. Sometimes, literally, but most times, it’s mentally, spiritually, financially, or emotionally. We spent countless hours searching our world-weary soul, trying to understand the things around us. From what we’ll do about dinner to how we feel about another person, the same question always comes up: “What do I want?” or “Where do I need to go?” For me, the question that’s been coming up a lot lately in some conversations is a shorter one: “Why?” After digging around, one particular question came up that I couldn’t really answer at the time. But I know now that I knew the answer the whole time. And it’s a far simpler answer than I ever thought that it would be.

Now, trying to convince the other party of that? Ever try arguing with a jet engine? Yeah, just like that.

P3 Project: January 1st, 2014 - Help Me

There are a lot of things that I’m just really not good at saying.

Everyone has those things that they just can’t say. Sometimes, it’s a good thing that they can’t say them because they don’t need to be said. As the phrase goes: if you can’t say something nice: keep your mouth shut. But then there are those other things that just need to be said and aren’t. Maybe it’s pride, or ego. Sometimes, it’s just timing or finding the right moment. Be it “I’m sorry” or “I made a mistake” to “I need you” or even “I need you to leave,” sometimes we find ourselves staring at another person, mouth open but no words will come forth. Or that sharp intake of breath happens, and then is exhaled through clenched teeth. Whatever the case, it creates an empty space between you and the other person. And if left unchecked, that space will fill up with the things that you don’t say to them. Or, the message that needs to be conveyed simply isn’t. For me, I know what one of those phrases is and it’s caused me an immeasurable amount of discomfort. And for a person that always has something to say, these two words are the hardest ones to speak aloud:

Help me.